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July Purrfectbox Unboxing Video

July Purrfectbox review

Sorry I’m late opening July’s Purrfectbox! One of the reasons is because Moss, our youngest male cat, has been a bit unwell with cystitis, but he’s all better now. Sadly both Midna and Moss only make a short appearance in the unboxing video, my fault as I filmed it just before meal time and they were waiting in the kitchen for most of the time I was filming. Nevermind.

If you don’t want to watch the video here’s a list of the contents of the July Purrfectbox.

  1. Pet Munchies – A great bag of treats that both of my kitties seem to love. They are very fishy and full of omega 3 & 6 goodness.
  2. Trixie Happies – Lactose free chicken and cheese treats. My cats love cheesy treats so these will certainly go down well.
  3. Gimcat Multi-vitamin Paste – A good supplement that will hopefully keep both cats fighting fit.
  4. Happypet Glitterball Ineractive Pet – I love that Purrfectbox include larger toys like these. Moss was so interested he even left his position at his food bowl to come and give it a swipe of his paw in the video…A good sign that it will get some use.
  5. Camon Litter Shovel – This looks really useful and comes with some litter bags to use with it. We don’t use litter trays anymore (although we did when moss was ill) but this is a good quality addition to the box that I will find a home for.
  6. Petbrands Catnip Toy – This was the least impressive thing in the box as it doesn’t feel as though it will last very long.

I love Purrfectbox and as always I recommend you go check out the subscription options on the Purrfectbox website and consider treating your kitties to some goodies.

Moss and Midna are sent the Purrfectbox to review, but their opinions are their own, as are mine. 



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