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Keeping the Butt Peachy with Simply Be

Control Jeans Review

I have a peachy butt, it’s curvalicious. I’m currently working hard in the gym and at home to give it a bit more of a lift, to decrease the size a little and just to improve my overall health in general. I like to wear figure-hugging clothes, but finding ones that fit my butt, waist and thighs perfectly is somewhat of a challenge. I have thick legs but I’m also quite short. I find many jeans ride too low in the waist or have a low crotch, which is very uncomfortable. The other problem I have is length – getting the right sized leg that fits my thighs and behind is a challenge.

A few weeks ago, Simply Be reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some of their clothes. “Oh hell yeah” was the response in my head, my official response was “Thank you, that would be lovely.”

I spent a long time working on making my selection and finally narrowed them down to two pairs of jeans and a pair of Sloggi brief shorts. The reasons for my choices were:

  • I can never have too many jeans
  • Both pairs of jeans, while different in style claimed to shape and sculpt – control denim, yeah baby!
  • I need more jeans as loads of mine no longer fit thanks to me eating my weight in chocolate over Christmas
  • Sloggi shorts might be useful when wearing skirts to create a supported butt without any lumps and bumps ruining the silhouette

Simple Reasons for Making my Simply Be Choices

SimplyBe Control Jeans Review

The Sloggi’s are comfortable, soft and I do believe they will be useful for wearing with skirts in the warmer months. For now, it’s the jeans that are getting my attention. Both the black high waisted pair and the distressed skinny jeans use shape retaining denim, which apparently uses mutli-directional stretch that works with your own curves. I guess this is to give you the best fit possible. They also claim to have intelligent seaming to make your butt look defined and peachy keen. Finally, they have a hidden “magisculpt” panel in the front waist area to help flatten the tummy.

Both pairs are comfortable to wear, they definitely stretch with you as you move and they were very easy to get on and off. I liked the two styles and they will make it into my wardrobe, but they are not perfect for my body shape. Sadly, they are a little too long for my 5.5ft frame. The length does cause those awkward outward wrinkles to form, and I hate those. However, I did manage to resolve this problem by simply turning up the jeans. I only mention this as I feel it’s important to know when purchasing jeans.

SimplyBe Shape and Sculp Jeans Review


As for the control provided by the jeans, I’m impressed. Bum looks good, stomach also appears flatter than it is. So, it’s a thumbs up from me.

On to the Butt Exercises

While I’m here, I want to share the best 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge I have come across. It’s nothing stupidly hard and difficult to obtain like many of these challenges. The butt challenge comes from Blogilates and it starts off like this:

  1. 5 Squats
  2. 5 Pointed Butt Lifts
  3. 5 Fire Hydrants

Do each set of 5 on both legs and you’re done. What a lovely and achievable start! I can honestly say that my butt benefited from this challenge! I had a break from the exercises over Christmas but it’s now time to start over and continue past the 30 days.

Credit: https://www.blogilates.com/30-day-butt-lift-challenge

Give it a try yourself and see how you get on.



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