Layers of Fear 2 Release Date Announced

If you love horror games then you more than likely played Layers of Fear and embraced the insane atmosphere, clever game design and intriguing story that is brought to us by the talented crew over at Bloober Team and Gun Media. If you’re a long-time follower of Reclusive Fox, you’ll also remember how much I adored Layers of Fear so much so it was my game of the year for 2016 and the first game I ever streamed! Well, hold on to your hats people as Layers of Fear 2 is coming, and it’s due to arrive on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 28. 2019.

What Do We Know About Layers of Fear 2?

Unlike Layers of Fear, the second installment seems to take place on a boat rather than a creepy yet impressive house. This time you’re taking on the role of an actor that is in the middle of a personal crisis. Looking through the screenshots there does appear to be a throwback to the horrific corridors that tortured our souls, but this time the corridors will be leading us around the boat, or perhaps they will play the part of past memories or future visions, who knows?

The demo gameplay shows some fascinating rooms to explore along with the familiar mind-bending warps of reality that will leave us questioning our sanity while we try to work out what’s going on. The tension the original game managed to generate was second to none and watching the demo managed to rumble up the same feelings inside my chest cavity. I am expecting to be tense, curious, scared and thrilled all at the same time.

So folks, head on over to Steam, add Layers of Fear 2 to your Wishlist, follow it and get ready to place a pre-order once they become available in a couple of weeks. If you didn’t play Layers of Fear I recommend playing it and experiencing such a fantastic game the deserved all the create reviews and awards it achieved when it was released in 2016.

Layers of Fear 2 release date



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