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Lego Architecture – New York City – Video

Lego Architecture New York City Unboxing Video

We love to keep our hands busy and we don’t just mean by playing video games, we love Lego too! You’re never too old for Lego fun and if you’re a child at heart we highly recommend you check out the Lego Architecture collection. This is our second purchase, the first being the Seattle Space Needle. This time, we couldn’t resist the New York City set as it comes with five builds rather than just one.

Check out the build video and see some of New York’s most famous landmarks come together in front of your eyes.

In the kit you get everything you need to build:

  • One World Trade Center – Competed in 2013, standing 1,776ft tall, a direct reference to the year when the Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • The Statue of Liberty – A gift from France, designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. The Stature of Liberty stands 151 ft tall.
  • Flatiron Building – The Flatiron Building is a memorable structure in New York that sits on the intersection where Fifth Avenue crosses Broadway. The value of this building is $190 million!
  • Chrysler Building – The 1,046 ft tall Chrysler Building was once the tallest building in the world before The Empire State Building stole the crown just 11 months later.
  • Empire State Building – Standing 1,454 ft this skyscraper is the 4th tallest building in the U.S.A and it’s the 25th tallest in the world.  The building was opened by President Herbert Hoover in 1931.

We picked up the kit from a local toy shop in Worcester for £40, but it’s also available from the Lego store, Amazon and loads from loads of other toy retailers. The Architecture range is for ages 12 and up and it’s more of a celebration for some of the magnificent buildings you can find around the world. This is grown up Lego (although we happen to think ALL Lego can also be classed as grown up), so if you love to build, create and learn more about architecture we recommend you check out this excellent range.

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  1. indreamworld

    Oh, wow – huge Lego fans in this house and the New York set sounds fantastic!
    Always wanted to go there. Visiting it in Lego form is the next best thing, lol! 🙂

    07 . Jun . 2016
  2. StressedMum

    Ow wow this is really is amazing, I think opening the box and seeing all those pieces would scare me :), love the dog trying to help as well x

    07 . Jun . 2016
  3. Rachel

    I think these are just fantastic, I have a friend who is a collection and he has loads set up in a spare room x

    07 . Jun . 2016
  4. Claire

    My brother in law loves lego more than my nephews! I so need to get him this for Christmas!

    07 . Jun . 2016
  5. Rhian Westbury

    Wow this lego set looks really good! I love new york,I might have to get someone to get this so I can help make it 😀 x

    07 . Jun . 2016
  6. Ana De- Jesus

    Oh wow how incredible, I and about 99.9 % of the population loved or love Lego. I love that it celebrates iconic buildings too!

    07 . Jun . 2016
  7. Hannah

    I love Lego but I don’t have the patience for it!

    07 . Jun . 2016
  8. Liz Mays

    That’s pretty impressive! There’s a lot of detail in those buildings. A set like this would be great for collectors.

    07 . Jun . 2016
  9. Sarah Bailey

    What an awesome looking collection! I have to admit I used to love lego way back when! x

    07 . Jun . 2016
  10. Fashion and Style Police

    I am not surprised with the Lego love. Many love or loved it.

    08 . Jun . 2016
  11. Nadine-Johanna Stewart

    As someone who rather played with Lego than Barbie as a child, I am wondering if it’s acceptable if I go and buy some Lego as an almost 26 year old? Lego is just so awesome.

    08 . Jun . 2016
  12. Nettie

    Well G is 28 so I think you’re safe. It’s better for the brain than just sitting down to watch TV and the Lego Architecture is aimed at adults, so I’d say Yes, totally acceptable 😀

    08 . Jun . 2016
  13. WhatLauraLoves

    Oh wow this looks so cool and very effective when complete. I wish I had the patience to complete something like this! xxx

    08 . Jun . 2016
  14. Northern Crumble

    Everyone should love Lego, its such a nice way to unwind.

    The NYC set looks amazing, will be taking a look next time I’m in a Lego store

    08 . Jun . 2016
  15. Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh, yes please! Lego for grown ups! Awesome!

    09 . Jun . 2016
  16. Tanya Brannan

    Everyone in our house loves lego, even though we are all grown ups! I love the idea of all the different buildings and want to build it now!

    09 . Jun . 2016
  17. Melanie Edjourian

    Wow those are amazing, they must have taken forever with all that detail. I’d never have teh time to do it myself.

    09 . Jun . 2016
  18. Jessica

    I guess this is a perfect gift for travelers. Great feeling to see New York in your hands! 😉

    09 . Jun . 2016
  19. Olivia Thristan

    This looks like a super amazing set is it acceptable for a 21 year old to buy it for themselves? ;D

    09 . Jun . 2016
  20. Ruth whyte

    Awww fab, my hands are like shovels so I would not be able to do this. I have 3 cats too so that wouldn’t help. I watched the programme with the man who does Lego art for a living. It’s absolutely amazing and such a talent. Thank you do sharing xx

    10 . Jun . 2016
  21. Leanne

    I think this would be a great set to do. Although I can imagine I’d get impatient if it took me too long!

    10 . Jun . 2016
  22. Jenni

    This looks lots of fun, I would have to keep it out of sight from my little one as every time I build something with his lego he destroys it within a minute x

    10 . Jun . 2016
  23. Stephen

    A friend of ours collects these Lego Kits and displays them, some of them are just amazing.

    12 . Jun . 2016

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