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Lovejoys Dog Food – Is It Good for Booker and Floyd?

Booker and Floyd have been enjoying some new food lately. They usually have separate food, simply because Floyd is unable to eat many of the foods that Booker enjoys. The reason for this is simple, food allergies. Floyd can suffer from itchy and sore skin if he eats the wrong foods. It’s super awkward and very uncomfortable for him. Lovejoys sent over some dog food and it seems like we may have found a decent food that both can enjoy.

Lovejoy’s are based here in the UK, Norfolk in fact. It’s a family run business but they use nutritionists to ensure the food is healthy and tasty too. Some of the main positive points are:

  • The use of seaweed oil to support healthy vision, brain and nervous system (something important for us as Floyd used to have seizures).
  • There’s no added wheat, gluten, soya, pork, dairy or beef so it’s hypoallergenic (yes! Floyd needs this).
  • Promotes a healthy coat thanks to the addition of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids and zinc.
  • No artificial preservatives or colours – they only add some vitamin E, natural preservatives, and rosemary.

There are some great flavours but our dogs taste tested the Dry Lamb and Rice for adults. You can serve it dry or soaked in some water, depending on what your dog likes best. Be sure to put down plenty of water, as with all dry foods.

The taste test went well. Both dogs happily wolfed it down at each serving. They didn’t turn their noses up once (and they have been known to do this, Booker, in particular, is quite picky).  I measured out the amounts of food they needed and it seemed to keep them satisfied throughout the day, they had good energy levels, not overactive and not lethargic. The food does have a rather strong smell, so we have made sure it’s kept in the cupboard. It’s not too unpleasant but it is noticeable. This shows that the food at least has some good flavour!

Skin Allergies

It usually takes about a week for Floyd to show signs of serious skin allergies. So far, we’re okay. His skin isn’t red and he isn’t licking or chewing his skin either. This is definitely a positive and it’s looking promising. We haven’t finished the 12kg bag yet, but we would normally notice problems by now.

The kibble does look a little bland, but that’s a good thing. Cheaper foods are often coloured to make them look more appealing (for us, not our dogs!). All these artificial colours and ingredients are not good for our pets. I am glad it’s not multi-coloured; it makes me believe that this is a genuine product that cares about my pets.

I will update this post in the next couple of weeks once they finish this first bag. The first impressions seem positive, from Booker and Floyds perspective and my own.


I was sent Lovejoys dog food to try in return for an honest review. 






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