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Mental Snapp – A New App for Mental Health Management

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I don’t write about apps very much as I tend not to use too many that are worth mentioning, but there’s a new one that I am really interested in. Mental Snapp has been designed to help people manage their mental health using private video diaries. The app comes with the tools that you need to create your own videos, which is used as a way of journaling your emotions and experiences as well as monitoring and rating your moods and naming feelings. It’s a way of gaining access to these techniques that have therapeutic benefits.

Hannah Chamberlain Mental Snapp
Hannah – Co-founder and mastermind behind Mental Snapp.

Start Your Mental Health Journal

Basically, it’s like having a therapist in your pocket that has the tools that can help people transform their lives. The reason I’m sharing this app with you is that I really believe it has the potential to make a huge difference for those who use it. Initially, this very website was created as a way of helping me through my mental health recovery. And boy did it help. I now feel on top of my anxiety for the first time in over 20 years and I live a life that seemed impossible to me just 5 years ago. Going out is no longer traumatic. Journaling, blogging and just being mindful of the journey I was on played a huge role in turning my life around. However, not everyone wants to write on a public platform or share their videos online. This is why I think Mental Snapp is fantastic. Hannah Chamberlain, the co-founder of the app came up with the idea after telling and managing her own mental health journey on film. journaling, vlogging or simply writing down thoughts and feelings can help to get a grasp on your emotions and what you’re feeling. It helps to vent, it helps to record achievements, it helps to record drawbacks and bumps in the road.

For me, recording my journey was a great way of pushing myself into carrying on with the management techniques I was trying out. When I struggled it pushed me to think of my blog and sharing the experiences with others. I was driven to overcome challenges, so I could share that with other people who might be struggling as well. More than anything else, it showed me that I was taking steps in the right direction. I hope Mental Snapp provides these experiences for others so that they too can go on and live a fulfilled life free from the weight of anxiety.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

The app is free to download and comes with limited storage. More storage and extra features will be made available to those who wish to subscribe for £4.49 per month. I recommend downloading it and giving it a try to see how you get on. Remember that recording yourself can be a little daunting and even embarrassing to start with, even if you’re the only person who will ever see it. Try not to give up too quickly, give it some time and experiment at your own pace.

Mental Snapp can be downloaded from Google Play and The App Store.



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