Mini Mennace Haul with Gzone

G is one lucky man. Once again I was asked if we’d like to check out some menswear, this time by the lovely folk over at Mennace.com. Mennace is the male alternative to Missguided, so we had a quick browse of the website and quickly said: “Yes, please”.  Instead of me doing the choosing, G had the choice this time. Here’s what he picked.

The light grey chenille drop shoulder jumper is unbelievably soft and the perfect hood to sink into when coming home after a long day. Now, in all honesty, G needs to buy a smaller size but he is in love with it. You’ll probably see him stream in this a fair bit over on Twitch. We were both really impressed with the quality and G is going to be shopping there again, for sure. This jumper with warm pj bottoms is an alternative to tracksuits in our house. Comfortable, cosy and so easy to throw on.


This is the purple basic signature sweatshirt and it’s G’s favourite because it’s a great size, it feels really good and the colour is popping. The Mennace branding on the front is subtle and works well with the style of the jumper. G cannot stand massive branding on stuff so this is a win for Mennace.

Now, the khaki premium relaxed three-quarter sleeve top was a surprise. When G said he wanted it I was surprised, so not his style. I wasn’t expecting to like it at all, I think it was the three quarter length sleeves that threw me off. However, when he tried it on I was really impressed. I love it on him and he really likes it too. It’s good to take a risk as you may find something that you love. When we came across this fallen tree I couldn’t resist getting G to pose with it – a great combination. RIP tree.

Each of the tops G ordered are excellent quality and I think the pricing is totally reasonable. When you compare it with some of the other menswear fashion brands the quality really does stand out. Do check them out when you get five minutes. You may need to do some serious exploring of the site, but it’s worth it.




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