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Oh My Blog – It’s Holiday Time with Emma and Family!

This is Oh My Blog: A monthly blogging series that allows you to meet a fellow blogger and get their opinions on a whole host of topics. Since it’s July, there’s no better time to start talking about holidays, sunshine and getaways and this month, it’s the turn of Emma from Emma and Family!


  1. Summer is here! Are you going (or have you been) anywhere nice this year?

Unfortunately, as much as I would love to go away, we won’t be going anywhere this year. We moved house at the end of last summer and all our money has gone to that and buying things for the house etc that we don’t have the money going spare for a big holiday. That being said, I am sure we will still manage a couple of little weekends away in the UK to get a change of scenery.


  1. Where is your favourite Summer holiday destination?

Anywhere hot and sunny! I haven’t really found my must go to holiday destination yet, so far I have never gone back to the same place twice. I would love to go on holiday somewhere really luxurious like those huts in the sea in the Maldives!


  1. Do you prefer to spend your summer abroad or in the UK?

Pre children I would say abroad, I love just laying around the pool sunbathing and drinking cocktails. I can’t imagine anything worse than going somewhere really hot with my toddler at the moment so I think we will be sticking to the UK for a little while.


  1. Any holiday horror stories to report?

Nothing major, I do tend to get ill on holiday though, I’ve had asthma attacks in Egypt from the dust, I’ve had major food poisoning in China from all the dog I probably accidentally ate, I had sunstroke in Ibiza and missed out of several big party nights out and I came down with meningitis in Tenerife. Very few of these issues had anyone to blame other than shit luck on my behalf!


  1. If you do go on holiday, are you a “sit by the pool all day” kind or person, or a “we need to get out and explore” kind of tourist?

For the most part a sit by the pool all day. I like to come home from a holiday feeling rested and relaxed, not exhausting because I have ticked off the top 20 things to do at my destination according to Trip Advisor. But of course, I do like to go and explore a little and if we are somewhere with something big of interest I will make sure I do go and see it.


  1. Please help settle an argument. What is the earliest acceptable time to have a pre-holiday pint in the airport pub?

Absolutely any time. 6am flight, have a drink, 1pm flight, have a drink! You are on holiday!


  1. How are you with flying? Love it, hate it or a bit nonplussed by it all?

I love it, I don’t really feel very holiday-y if I haven’t gotten on a plane, I especially like long-haul flights! Snuggling down with a few films, a couple of wines, some dodgy plane food, it’s all part of the holiday experience for me.


  1. What has been your favourite holiday that you’ve ever been on?

It was less of a holiday and more of a mini break but my partner Fabio took for away to Paris for a few days for my birthday. It was actually our one and only holiday with just the two of us as I actually fell pregnant the next month! We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, ate wonderful food, saw all the sights and most importantly had an amazing time together.


  1. Where would you absolutely love to go, that you haven’t been yet?

Somewhere in the Caribbean. I been to a fair amount of Europe, done one trip to America, done one big trip to Asia (I spent a month travelling around China when I was 18), I’m not hugely interested in Australia for some reason. I just desperately want to go somewhere in the Caribbean.


  1. What is your favourite summer holiday memory from when you were a kid?

I used to go in a caravan with my grandparents to Pembrokeshire in Wales. We went every summer several years in the row and I had most of my favourite childhood memories there. We used to cycle around everywhere, go down to the beach, play pitch and putt. I can’t really think of a specific favourite memory but thinking of that area gives me warm fuzzy feelings in my belly!


  1. What is the first song on your summer anthems playlist?

Airplanes by B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams. Not a traditional summer anthem I will admit but you know when a particular song transports you to a particular time or place? Well, this is one of those songs. When I was travelling around China we spent a couple of days in a remote village where a relative of my friend lived and in that village, there was a lovely little beach. And on that beach I fell asleep whilst listening to Airplanes by B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams on repeat! So for that rest of that summer, I have that song stuck in my head on repeat and that became the anthem of that summer!


  1. Camping (be it in the wilderness or in your back garden when you were a kid). Your thoughts?

I have never actually camped in a tent but did years and years of holiday’s in my grandparents’ caravan and I loved it! It forced you to be outside a lot of the time but with the added comforts of beds and a cooker and a toilet!


  1. Do you tan easily, or are you a brilliant shade of toothpaste white wherever you go?

I tan really easily actually, I do have a tendency to go a bit pink (ok red) if I’m not careful but by the next morning it will always have faded into a nice deep tan.


  1. What attraction or event would you recommend people go to this summer?

I don’t really have a specific recommendation, in fact, I am much more looking for recommendations myself. My advice is, we look like we are going to have a beautiful summer so get outside and make the most of it! This summer is the first I have lived in a house with a back garden and that back garden has been my favourite place to be so far this summer. Ice cold drinks, paddling pools and sandpits are what family summers should all be about in my opinion!



  1. Finally, let us have you best tip for a stress-free holiday?

Don’t go with your in-laws! (Oh god, I hope they don’t read this!) My lovely other half is from Madeira a Portuguese island. When our son was a year old my in laws very kindly offered to take us to Madeira so that a) I could see where they come from and b) they could show off their new, and first, grandson to their extended family. Free holiday? I thought hell yeah! And of course, I was also very happy to go and see Madeira. The downfall was that actually what it translated to was us having to follow them around to everywhere they wanted to go to, on their schedule. Which surprisingly actually meant on 4 out of 7 days we were going from shopping centre to shopping centre! Personally, not my idea of a holiday and one that we have both decided we would turn down next time!


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