One Week Until EGX! Here’s What We’re Looking Forward To

EGX 2015

We have reached the one-week countdown to EGX and I am getting a teeny bit excited. We have our press passes, we have booked a hotel and we have two days to indulge in nothing but gaming. It’s going to be awesome! This is my second time going. Last year we didn’t play any of the big titles as we had one day and the queues were all massive, we’re talking 3 hours of waiting. This year we have extra time, early entry and we hope to play some of the games we’re really interested in and excited for. Here’s what we hope to get a taste of while we’re there.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Sony Interactive Entertainment

This game looks incredible and I’m really hoping that I get on with it and that the story really sucks me in. Looks aren’t everything so even though it excites me visually I really won’t know if this is a game I’ll enjoy until I get on it. I hope to play this game on our first day.

Final Fantasy XV – Square Enix

I haven’t completed a Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy VII back on the PlayStation.  Perhaps this one will be different. Have you seen the trailer from the Tokyo Game Show?

Little Nightmares – Bandai Namco

I’ve not heard much about this game but the trailer has me excited. I am not really a fan of platformers as I find them extremely frustrating – I need freedom baby! However, this looks so charming there’s no way I can simply ignore it. I’ll give it a go.

Little Nightmares – Bandai Namco EGX

South Park: The Fractured but Whole – Ubisoft

Well, who can resist the crazy technology involved? Don’t you want to sniff farts too? Seriously, what the hell!? The Nosulas Rift? Not even sure if it’s real. Going to give it a play and perhaps try to avoid the farts…

Dishonored 2 – Bethesda

I’ve not played the first one, but G has and he rated it highly. I really have to sit down and get on Dishonored but that’s not going to happen until after I jump on this at EGX.

Dishonored 2 EGX

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare  – Activision Blizzard/Activision

This one’s for G. I suck at COD but G’s pretty damn good and although he goes through phases of love and hate, he has spent days lost in Modern Warfare. He loves it really. He’ll be on this and I’ll be filming hopefully. G will also get on Infinite Warfare while we’re there and it wouldn’t surprise me if he falls in love with it after getting hands on. G has a solid history of not being into new Call of Duties or Black Ops and then ending up at the midnight launch at the last minute…

COD MW Remastered EGX

And There’s More

There are loads of other titles we want to play including Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Tekken 7and Kingdom Hearts HD, but the ones listed above are top of the list. We still don’t know what Nintendo will bring to the show either, hoping it’s something amazing. We’ll also be spending plenty of time in the Rezzed zone as we now have our PC set up now and we have a lot to discover.

I hope the queues won’t be too long this year as I really don’t want to spend the entire time queuing up. I do want to check out all the merch and spend some pennies on myself. I’m in desperate need of some quality headphones for streaming and I’d love some new clothes and perhaps something super cute like a Pokémon plushie….

There are a few tickets left so rush to get yours if you want to go! Don’t forget to come and say hi if you see us there.



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