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Pure Pet Food #Review

My old dog Floyd turns 13 at the end of April. He’s an absolute diamond dog, you couldn’t ask for a more lovable, loyal and intelligent pet dog. As time goes on it’s hard to ignore the aging process. His once black hair is now extremely grey. His eyes droop and his back legs are not at their best. Another problem he has is one that has been with him since he was a puppy. He’s very sensitive to food, in particular foods that contain a high amount of grain. Foods like these cause his skin to flare up, he gets red and very sore. I have found foods that work for him but I have always been interested in trying him out on a raw diet. The problem with a raw diet is that it is a two hour round trip to get to any place where I could pick up his food, I am not good with raw meat and the expense and hassle of storing the meat in the fridge too. It kind of grosses me out in all honesty.

Pure Pet Food Review

This is where Pure Pet Food comes in. They contacted me out of the blue and asked if Floyd and Booker would like to try out their food. After having a look at the details I learned that they do food for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs too! Not only that, it’s basically a raw dog food that has the absolute convenience of dry dog food! Sounded perfect so I agreed, and here’s what turned up.

The food is dehydrated and you have to add the right amount of water before giving it to your dog. Once you add the water you have to wait 15 minutes before giving it to your dog. In that time the food softens and this process also helps to reduce bloating in the stomach, a problem that dogs can suffer with if they have a dry food diet.  The dehydrated food consists of fruit, vegetables, and meat that is all at human quality and there are loads of flavour combinations to choose from. We were sent the Chicken variety as this one is really good for dogs with sensitive skin (and picky eaters apparently).

Pure Pet Food Review

Sadly, the box is probably not enough for me to give you our final review, I feel I would need to trial the food for about 3 months to give you my final verdict. But what I can do is give you my thoughts so far.

  • Great packaging and it comes with the scoop so you can get the measurements right and a seal for the bag – very handy indeed.
  • The food doesn’t smell bad, yes! We have had very expensive brands of food in the past that were good but they stank to high heaven.
  • It’s easy to work out the measurements based on the weight and activity of your own dog.
  • You can prepare the food in advance as it will store for 48 hours in the fridge. If you do this you will need to add a scoop of warm water before serving it to your dog.

Pure Pet Food Review

What Did Floyd Think?

I feel good as an owner as I know I am giving Floyd decent food that will be beneficial for him, but that’s no good if Floyd won’t eat it. The good news is he is really enjoying it so far. We have reached about half way through the box and his skin hasn’t reacted in any way. He enjoys every meal and doesn’t seem to be bored of the flavour. I think Booker is really jealous too.



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