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Purrfect Box and Pawsome Box Unboxing

I was delighted to be offered the chance to review the Purrfect box and Pawsome Box this month. Well, I say I was offered but really this was a job only my pets could help me with. These are two brand new to the UK subscription boxes offering a selection of treats, toys and accessories for cats and dogs. The cost is £19.50 per month or £15.50 if you subscribe yearly. Yes, I know this sounds a lot but just take a look at my unboxing videos below and see if you think it’s worth the money.

Plus head down to the bottom of this blog post if you’d like a chance to win one of these boxes for yourself!

Purrfect Box Unboxing Video

Pawsome Box Unboxing Video

I was super impressed with both of these boxes. The treats inside were excellent quality and I do think they’re both really good value for money and we’ve had a lot of fun with all the toys and treats.

What’s Inside the August 2014 Purrfect Box?

Purrfect Box review 2014 August

Let’s look at all of the goodies one by one:

Hills Cat Shrimp Snacks

On the magazine inside the box this item was listed down as Hills Cat Chicken Snacks but my cat wasn’t upset by this and neither was I. These small heart-shaped snacks are soft and chewy and both Midna and Moss love them.

4Cats Valerian Heart Toy

If you watch the video you’ll already know that Moss ran away when he saw the heart, no idea why. However once he investigated it he soon snapped it up in his mouth and ran away with it and has played with it several times since. This toy does have a horrible smell (if you’re human) but the cat loves it and that’s the most important thing.

Trixie Multivitamin Paste

A big tube of paste that offers some extra vitamins for your feline friends. Both cats love this. I have been squirting a little in their food bowls over the last two nights and they lick it right up.

A Spot Laser Toy

I recently bought a similar toy by a different manufacturer and it didn’t work, this one does. It’s fantastic with a very strong red dot that I can reach the outside lamp-post with on the opposite side of the road while stood at my closed window. The cats absolutely love this laser and it’s a great way of helping Moss burn off his excess energy as he’s an indoor cat.

The Wasabycat Scratching Post

I was amazed to find this in the box. It’s a decent size and comes with a big bag of cat nip that Moss tried to run off with in the video! To be honest neither Moss or Midna have actually used this post, they tend to sit on it instead. A bit disappointing but I am still really pleased with it and hope they’ll get used to it.

What’s Inside the August 2014 Pawsome Box?

Pawsome Box Review August 2014

M & C Creamy Centres Yoghurt and Real Banana

Great treats, they don’t have that horrible smell many dog treats have and both Floyd and Booker are enjoying them. A great size too so they’ll last a while.

8in1 Bone

This looks great but I’ve not given it to the dogs yet as I need to chop it in half so they don’t have an argument over it. It’s a good size though so splitting it in two won’t be a problem.

Karlie Good4Fun

An excellent dog chew that has little holes in it to put treats inside for longer play times and more satisfaction. Both of the boys have had a good old nibble on the toy and it’s certainly a winner as far as they’re concerned.

Ancol Rabbit

We only just discovered today that this is a squeaky toy as Booker made it squeak for this first time this morning. Floyd isn’t too interested in it but Booker has a new best friend. You can see him playing with it in the video (quite funny if you ask me) and he’s basically been playing with it on and off ever since. So far it’s still in one piece and even though it’s a squeaky toy it’s not annoying as Booker isn’t too good at squeezing its belly. I’ll definitely be buying him more toys like this in the future.

Karlie Ultrasonic Whistle

I thought this would be a whistle that only dogs can here but it’s not. When you blow on it you can hear it but it’s nowhere near as loud as a normal whistle so that’s a plus. I have been using it to stop the dog from barking in the garden and so far it’s working! Both dogs also come to me when I blow it in the house, pretty smart.

Trixie Ohenpflege Ear Care

On the magazine this item was listed as Flamingo Tear Stain Remover but I was really pleased to get the ear care instead. Floyd had ear ache a couple of weeks back so I’m going to be using this to help prevent it from reoccurring. Not used it yet but plan to over the weekend.

My Verdict

Both are well worth the money but even if you don’t want to subscribe I do recommend you try one box and perhaps consider treating your pets every now and then. I think they’ll be great for Christmas too. I had great fun going through each box with the animals and since then we’ve enjoyed playing together and both the cats and the dogs love all the treats.

Your Chance to Win a Purrfect Box or a Pawsome Box

Want to try your luck? Every 1 in 100 person who enters the giveaway will win a box of goodies for their pets from Pawsome Box or Purrfect Box. Even if you don’t win you will receive a 10% off code for your very first box (valid for a limited time), so there are no losers!




  1. Sarah

    Love Love Love the photo of cats sniffing the treats. We don’t have cats anymore but if I still did I think these boxes look great. Even if you don’t sign up yearly once in while would be great 🙂

    29 . Aug . 2014
  2. Jess

    this is such a great box if you have pets – i’ll definitely recommend it to some friends of mine 🙂

    29 . Aug . 2014
  3. jess

    This is such a cool concept, I’ll definitely recommend it to some friends

    01 . Sep . 2014
  4. Alice Megan

    That’s got to be the cutest video ever Moss is adorable! The box looks really good too I’ve got 3 cats so would definitely be worthwhile for my boys

    01 . Sep . 2014
  5. Emma

    OOOOHHHH I am being sent one of these too, I can’t wait to receive it and unbox it with my dog Darcy!



    01 . Sep . 2014
  6. Nettie

    They are so good! Really impressed with the boxes and my dogs loved them. Have fun, let me know when you post your review and I’ll take a look 🙂

    01 . Sep . 2014
  7. Georgina

    Ahhh I so want one of these boxes for my cat, they look like so much fun! xx

    04 . Sep . 2014
  8. Jessica

    I love the concept of this! My pooch is like my baby. I’ve just started out in the blogging world and would really appreciate it if you had the time to check out my blog. I look forward to reading more from you Nettie.
    Jessica xo

    01 . Oct . 2014
  9. Bunny Box

    We love Pawsome Box – we recently purchased one for our Husky, Milo!

    22 . Jun . 2015

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