Reclusive Fox Turns FIVE! Little Life Update

It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with you on here and there’s no time like the present. At the end of May, Reclusive Fox turned 5 years old, I can’t quite believe it! My little website turned my life around and played a massive part in my recovery from a long panic attack disorder and agoraphobia. But I’m not going to dwell on the past, it’s time to look to the future.

Twitch Streaming

After a massive effort in streaming before Christmas, following the advice I found online for free from the amazing Ashnichrist, I saw a lot of positive growth on my Twitch channel. I started getting regular viewers (ones not from networks) as well as subscribers. Sadly, my work life took a bit of a dive in the new year and my streaming has suffered as a result.

I am still streaming but my consistency has suffered, resulting in slower growth, but I’m okay with that. You have to prioritise, and it has shown me that everything Ashni has taught me is true and does bring results. I hope to settle into a new routine as soon as I can and I’ll keep you posted with any new schedules. Until then my streams are as and when.

Reclusive Fox Website

I think my website generally takes a back seat to everything else. It has evolved over the years and I will continue to write about games I’m excited for, share reviews, stream news and anything else that I’m passionate about. I would like to increase the frequency that I publish content and start writing about more tech that I use daily.

Mental Health and Me

I started working as a freelance writer because I loved to write but also because I could do it from home. My social anxiety and panic disorder were so severe that I was unable to ‘go out’ and work in a typical work environment. However, I’m pretty much ‘cured’ and the proof of this is in the pudding, I have an external job. I’m still freelancing but a few clients have recently taken the work in-house or pulled their marketing budget due to different circumstances and concerns over the political future of the UK. This left me in a difficult position, and I decided to pick up a small part-time job to help make ends meet. Therefore, my streaming took a hit but also has helped me to lose half a stone so far!

Working outside of the home was impossible in the past. This time it’s so different. I’m not panicking the night before; I don’t freak out on the walk to work and I’m able to concentrate and not struggle while working. It makes me a little sad that my life wasn’t always like this and to think about how much I struggled due to my mental health. However, I am so proud of how far I’ve come and I’m feeling positive about the future. There’s always a tiny voice in the back of my head asking ’What if…’ but I put into practice everything I learned on my journey to recovery to help keep that voice the quietest one in my head. Right now, everything is great.


After a difficult start to 2019, I’m now looking to pick up a few new clients and fall back in love with content creation. I’ve been freelancing for almost 10 years and working pretty much non stop ever since I started. During that time I have kept my pricing the same and it’s time to evaluate my services, prices and availability. I have thought about creating an agency but I think I’ll stick to freelancing and outsource as and when required as I’ve always done.

Family Life

Mini Fox is now 19 years old and may be off to University in September. Her place is secured but she is unsure about taking that step and is considering working full time as an alternative. Whatever she decides will be fine with me. I’m just enjoying seeing her evolve and grow and I’m so proud of the woman she has become.

G continues to stream. Recently he switched over to Mixer but just last week he made a return over to Twitch. I’ll possibly write a post about the pros and cons of Mixer in the future. Aside from streaming he is working hard and enduring exhausting walks to work thanks to our lack of transport. I don’t know how he does it but I’m so grateful for all he does to help keep a roof over our heads.

I think that’s about it for now. This is our life in 2019. It’s not been the easiest year and the difficult times are far from over. However, today I’m feeling slightly more positive and I have a plan in mind to help turn things around.

How’s 2019 treating you?



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