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Twitch Experiments – November Round Up

What a busy month November has been. This month I’ve been using the tips shared on Ashnichrist’s video, 0-15 viewers on Twitch. SO how has it been going? Pretty good to be honest! Here’s a quick round up.

0-15 viewers on Twitch

I smashed it, my average viewership isn’t 15, but I have been getting a lot more people into my streams and many are sticking around, result! As the month has come to an end I’ve achieved 18 in stream and a new follower even gifted 4 of my viewers with a sub! Totally amazing, unexpected and it left me feeling a little shell-shocked in all honesty. I couldn’t be more grateful, not only for the amazing sub gifting and sub but for those people that have been popping into my streams each week and taking the time to say hi or simply lurking while cracking on with work.

What I’ve Been Doing to Increase Viewers on Twitch

Let’s recap on the tips shared in the 0 to 15 viewers on Twitch video:

  1. Friends
  2. Scheduled streams
  3. Consistency
  4. Fun

Keeping up with the stream schedule is something I truly believe is helping me. I have a clear schedule set out with a countdown extension added to my dashboard on Twitch. I’ve missed ONE DAY in the past 2 months. The rest of the scheduled dates have been maintained.

Sure, there have been times I’ve not had a cam, like yesterday when I had greasy hair as I was dying it later in the afternoon. Other than that, regular streams, on time. I’ve noticed people arriving bang on 2 pm or just minutes after, and this makes such a difference.

Being consistent seems to be vital when it comes to growing on Twitch. Viewers know when to expect you and learn that they can trust you to be there. However, there will be times when a schedule can’t be kept. I do think that it’s okay to skip if something is unavoidable. Adding in an extra stream to replace the missed one is what I’ll be doing to continue offering my subs value.

Fun on Twitch

I sure have fun on Twitch, but I wouldn’t consider myself a fun streamer, does that make sense? I’m pretty laid back and reserved, but I love the games I play and I do hope that comes across in my streams.

In addition to the tips shared by Ashni, I’ve been playing a single game. That game is Black Desert Online. Black Desert has taken my heart and it’s something I am really enjoying playing. Through the streams, I’ve met some amazing people who have shared incredible tips and advice that helped me to progress. If you’ve ever played BDO you’ll know how difficult it can be and overwhelming it is to start. Streaming has introduced me to an incredible game and gaming community and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it. I’m having fun with it and I hope that this is coming across during my streams.

Friends and Streaming

Ashni recommends sending friends links to the stream and asking them to come into the stream to give support. This is the one tip I haven’t done. I did share one going live post across Instagram, Twitter and the Reclusive Fox Facebook page and it got a good response. However, I’ve not shared it on my private pages or send any direct messages. I’m not sure I ever will be brave enough to do this. I don’t want to annoy anyone but also, I’m just not comfortable with advertising this with old school friends, family and acquaintances.

The Results

There’s been definite growth in November and I’m hoping for this to continue. I’ll be interested to see how things go over the holidays. My scheduled days fall on Christmas and Boxing Day, so I will need to move those. I’ve decided to give some early notice about this and ensure everyone knows well in advance of the changed dates. Here are the stats from Twitch for November.

twitch tips

My average viewers have increased from 3.7 in October to 4.9, it’s moving in the right direction! I plan on keeping up what I’m doing so far but putting some attention on my goals for 2019.

Don’t forget to visit me on Twitch if you’d like to watch a live stream or come and say hello. And don’t forget to check out Ashni’s amazing channel on YouTube for useful tips, for free!




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