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Autumn Sun – WalG Dress Review

WalG Dress 1


It’s been pouring with rain all week long and I was worried that I’d have to try and show you the gorgeous WalG Michaela Colour Block Chiffon Dress from inside my home. Thankfully today saw a break in the rain so I wasted no time to grab G, charge up the camera and head on out to find a suitable location. My choice was our local train station. I happen to love our train station, it’s historic, picturesque (in most places) and has a small town feel.

WalG Dress back

There were plenty of autumn leaves on the floor and while there was a hint of warmth in the sunshine the cool breeze meant I had to team up my colour block dress with a pair of tights and my favourite Clarks boots – best boots I ever did buy – and my Dorothy Perkins jacket. When you live in a hilly town like I do you have to own a practical pair of boots!

WalG Dress BW

The dress is true to size, comfortable and has a great price tag of only £35. The cut of the dress is flattering, especially if you have curves like I do. The blue band cinches in the waist perfectly as it ties at the back, drawing the eye to the thinnest point before flaring out over the hips. The cap sleeves make it easy to wear for work and there’s an exposed zip on the back.

WalG Dress Down

I happen to love the look, it’s girlie but casual at the same time, making it the perfect dress. Sure, you can dress it up with some heels for a night out or choose some simple flats and wear it to work, but I love a dress that I can wear for any occasion. The WalG Michaela Colour Block Chiffon Dress is well made, it feels strong and the lining is comfortable against the skin. It’s made in the EU  and the stitching seems up to scratch.

WalG Dress nails

The material is 100% polyester. This does mean it won’t wrinkle as easily (a definite positive if you have an iron allergy like me…) but it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. If you have eczema the polyester could cause problems, which isn’t an issue for me but it’s worth a mention.

WalG Dress Steps

I haven’t been able to wear my  faux leather jacket until this week as the weather has been so good this summer. Not a bad thing of course but it feels so good to throw on my old faithful again. The jacket was perfect with this look, pulling it all together effortlessly.  Now I am saving up for the real deal, what I would give for a real leather jacket!

WalG Dress Tunnel

Wal-G have a great selection of gorgeous dresses perfect for the upcoming party season. You can also find plenty of other wardrobe essentials all in a contemporary style without a painful price tag attached.

WalG Dress Walking

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WalG kindly gifted me the Michaela Colour Block Chiffon Dress but all opinions are my own.




  1. Hayley

    That’s such a lovely dress, I love the blue band on it.

    12 . Oct . 2014
  2. Mariesspeciallittleboy

    Gorgeous dress hun, really suits you. X

    14 . Oct . 2014
  3. Nettie

    Thank you x

    14 . Oct . 2014
  4. Nicola

    Oh that is stunning on you, i love the white and blue bands to break it up, beautiful x

    22 . Oct . 2014
  5. Samantha Partridge

    I really love the blue colour of the band on the dress – it really stands out against the autumnul backdrop! xx

    22 . Oct . 2014

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